Power Virtual Agents

Microsoft Power Virtual Agents is a platform for building chatbots and virtual assistants. It is part of the Microsoft Power Platform and allows users to create chatbots that can be used to answer customer questions, provide information, or perform other tasks. Power Virtual Agents uses a simple, visual interface to build chatbots, which can be integrated with a variety of services and applications, such as Microsoft Dataverse and Dynamics 365. It also includes a range of pre-built templates and connectors to help users get started quickly, as well as tools for customizing the appearance and behavior of chatbots. Power Virtual Agents is designed to be accessible to users with a wide range of technical skills, and can be used to build chatbots for a variety of purposes, including customer support, employee assistance, and more. It is particularly well-suited for organizations that want to improve customer or employee experience, or automate repetitive tasks.


For estimation purposes only. You should contact your partner or Microsoft to calcualte the actual license cost, it could be included in your current plan.

The Power Virtual Agents application is licensed per tenant. Power Virtual Agents will be charged according to the unit of "billed sessions". - US$200 per Month for 2,000 Sessions - Additional sessions cost US$100 per Month for 1,000 Sessions Power Virtual Agents session capacity is pooled at the tenant level.

Power Virtual Agents pricing: https://powervirtualagents.microsoft.com/pricing/


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