Power Apps

Microsoft Power Apps is a platform for building custom business applications without writing code. It is part of the Microsoft Power Platform and allows users to create applications that can be used on the web, on mobile devices, or as part of Office 365. Power Apps uses a simple, visual drag-and-drop interface to build applications, which can be connected to a variety of data sources, including Microsoft Dataverse, Excel, SharePoint, and many others. It also includes a range of pre-built templates and connectors to help users get started quickly, as well as tools for customizing the appearance and behavior of applications. Power Apps is designed to be accessible to users with a wide range of technical skills, and can be used to build a wide variety of applications, including forms, workflows, and dashboards. It is particularly well-suited for organizations that want to automate business processes, collect data, or build custom applications to support their business needs.


For estimation purposes only. You should contact your partner or Microsoft to calcualte the actual license cost, it could be included in your current plan.

General purpose, full Power Apps capabilities are licensed on a standalone basis. Additionally, limited Power Apps capabilities are included within select Dynamics 365 and Microsoft 365/Office 365 licenses. Customers that need general purpose and full capabilities of the platform should license Power Apps on a standalone basis. Licensing is supported on both a "per user, per app" basis and a "per user" basis. Subscription plans - Per app plan: US$5 per User per App per Month - Per user plan: US$20 per User per Month Pay-as-you-go plan - US$10 per active User per App per Month The Power Apps per app pay-as-you-go plan covers authenticated users of internal apps.

Power Apps pricing: https://powerapps.microsoft.com/pricing/


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